bloomies are special seeded paper wishes that bloom wildflowers!

Each bloomie gratitude bag includes:
•5 seeded papers (2.5x 3 in) infused with wildflower seeds including alyssum, catchfly, siberian wildflower, black eyed susan & baby blue eyes
•instructions for growing your gratitude
•a special quote of gratitude in each bag
•a pencil
•all packaged in a beautiful (3 x 5 in) zenatona art canvas bag.

The special seeded papers are hand made in San Diego using 100% recycled paper, no chemicals or dyes used in the process of creating these seeds of gratitude.


instructions for growing your bloomie wishes:

1. Write down your wish, your intention, your heart's desire with a pencil or pen on a bloomie paper.

2. Place your bloomie paper in a small shallow dish or a small, clear plastic container with a lid (similar to a greenhouse effect).

3. Saturate bloomie paper with water and love. Remember to tend to your wish and make sure it is kept saturated.

4. You will receive 5 paper wishes in each bag, four are for you and one is to share :).


bloomies make awesome gifts
for ages 2 to 112!

How cool would these be for special party favors or hostess gifts!? You could add a special note: "Thank you for helping me/us bloom."

Our bloomies have been given as gifts for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers, grab bags, teacher appreciation . . . and more!

If tiny seeds can bloom from a piece of a paper . . . what other small miracles can occur?