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" Zhuo Wei to see the soul sister "Let her drink plenty of water." Grandma grandpa looked at his age was this sin, my miserable death. Then, Zhuo scene began to shout out, "pain! Pain !! hurt !!!" "Does it hurt you to come out ah! I dare to head tinkling se! I beat to death you! Get out!" Grandma shouted loudly, than what about playing hard, I looked at the grandmother's face as hard, forehead We are out of the sweat on big stars. grey green bay packers jerseys " Mind aunt nodded, looked at me, "Jojo, sister to check you all right, we come to the hospital to see the doctor is, you have to check the body, you do not want Zhuoshu Shu to you, then give you a sister optimistic about it. green bay packers zebra print jerseys I chills, Listening to the baby's crying, suddenly have a bad feeling. " "What heard. " I frowned, "how you strange ah.

" Said, reaching force said something directly Yexia my shorts, I'm scared, "ah!" The cry of instinctive feel too embarrassed, pulled his vest Qudang own following, but Phoenix Xia eyes were straight, her eyes staring straight to my private parts, opened my mouth, "you are what look below." Grandmother apparently misunderstood what I meant, but I can not tell how I get down, he opened his mouth, "Grandma, I wanted to go back." "That Fengxia aunt it, you also save the Fengxia aunt?" I asked, somewhat anxious mouth." I really did not feel that I was a person with them, the way we did not speak again, to the train station when the mother did not get off to take us, my father always said, she was to give birth, a big belly, a walk on tired, so he sent us to the car." Grandma had a laugh to see me this look too awkward point, just like grandma always feel somewhat scary. "Oh!" Tracy could not help standing behind me, an spit out, and then holding his mouth, stride rushed out.

That night around my grandmother always told me that I want to learn in the future ah, soul sister so as to amount to anything, I stumbled promised, his mouth saying: "Well, I have to find the money boyfriend, you buy the building. grey pittsburgh steelers jerseys " Did not wait for the two of us to go to the other side of it, the soul sister like to see us, then waved: "!?! Jojo Jojo is right." I know this is doing Zhuoshu Shu, had seen her grandmother done, this is Quxie Quxie fingers with chopsticks, but Zhuoshu Shu do like her grandmother to do the same, exactly where is not the same, I but unable to speak." I looked at her sometimes do not know what to say, opened his mouth, had to comfort, "You do not be uncomfortable. Grandma stared at me, "listen to the doctor! Zhuoshu Shu did not hear you say you are a girl you!" Zhuo Wei looked at the inspection report, frowning slightly, raised his face, to see the grandmother "can be surgery, but I do not propose to do." I do not know what to say, just think Dad just said makes me feel bad, but then I thought, now I have nothing, opened his mouth "Whatever. green bay packers zombo jerseys " Xu said dollars, look into my eyes, cleared his throat, "At that time I did not know, so I will speak to blind, but I think you're so good, in fact, whether you are a boy or girl, you Jiao Long is on the line, is my good friend on the line.