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" "Then my house lights had been flashing, my dad said, Mom you come back you do not want to scare us ah, your grandson scared, and then I like a light house, you do not say scary." Grandma looked Xu dollars, with a sigh, hand touched her face, "Oh, sin ah, big Ah, ah, ah do not cry, your mother will not die." I took a step back, "Why ah!" Then, I went to close the door press the button "I sister said I could play this elevator!" "Well, you told me in high spirits brats is not it!" He looked at me, pulling my leg will come out." I then saw the rich boyfriend soul sister, to be honest a little disappointed at first glance, he looks ugly, some fat, but it looks fairly simple and honest, how would like to think with the mind sister and some do not match." I nodded, "basking, I'm hungry. " I'm afraid he'd turn their strangled, her grandmother before I speak, he was playing on the floor and roll, but still pinch hand on his neck, mouth and shouted "Do not come! Do not you come!!" "! This is a loud noise, ah," some villagers could not stand, all conspire next to her grandmother, looking at the ground in a very tough battle that to their child three lame, can not help but mouth and said: "Ma aunt, his is loud noise ah! " "His self-inflicted.

" Grandmother take ginseng in front carefully looked at, "into a fine, absolutely into a fine, Jiao Long ah, you take her grandmother said, in the end Editor's Note children, you Zeneng hit this thing, that is, you I see, can not know that this is ah wooden club. "Sister, I have lived in the mountains, so you do not know me. Grandma looked at me and smiled, "grandmother all right ah, this Jingui yet, have to stay well, can not just spoil ah. green bay packers ladies jerseys " Xu dollars looked at me, his face so unknown, "how the Jiao Long. And our family Xianer I also know that some of our family although only a yellow sign, but worship three cents, fox, that do not specifically explain, yellow fairy, yellow child is practicing enlightenment into the immortal, and often Sin, we call this tube snake snake, snake fairy is meant, according to the grandmother said three Xianer which are very powerful, but together more extraordinary, so she gradually gain a firm foothold in the village before. green bay packers new jerseys sale

" Grandma nodded, did not ask what "to, we get off it. green bay packers matthews jerseys "Three lame, you give me let go !!!" Grandma with grandpa anxious voice is in my ears. green bay packers lights out jerseys A group of people waiting for us to go up the hill when the doctor actually has to catch up, a man silently behind us, I think he must be curious to find out these things. Who knows just move my feet, my grandmother on the side pulled tightly, looking at the soul sister "spiritual ah, since the child's illness reading, we went back ah. Grandma turned to look at me, "Johnson dragon ah, how do you run to the other side, over." I nodded, watching Xu dollar head down walking home look, mouth shouted, "Great, yeah, I brought you back to the city delicious!" Xu dollars back again smiled at me, "I do not eat, you come back on the line.