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" I feel really bad, I do not want to start from the door in this alone, the parents into the room and I saw my mother's head wrapped in a towel sitting on the bed, there is a small child lying in bed, we came in her mouth just like Dad, "you follow Sister shout Shaa, Sister was not any wrong, this is the second child would have been fined money, like our family seems to get more money." Then scratched my hand "Jiao Long, this is your Aunt, that soul sister's sister. As I became almost abandoned, my grandmother appeared, she deliberately went to the county from the countryside passenger sitting just to look at her grandson or granddaughter, but who did not think, has been less affected by the mother to be see the grandmother, that time has become my savior, so I was home with the grandmother. "Son!" I am a little anxious shouted out to him, then hurried toward him to go, how children will do in the hospital." I stayed beside her grandmother, and my heart has been some anxiety, I think grandma with my parents together, as if he gave his identity reduced length, and I feel things can not blame aunt grandmother, so the attitude of the mother is very angry." I smirked and looked at the grandmother saying "eat this every day on the line." I dare say that I am very unhappy, and the heart with the soul sister Yun Aunt talk a big change, but I told my father grandma ever do this, only lukewarm called out, "Aunt.

" Grandma sat down beside me, looking at me, "Jiao Long ah, you know why some things and you can see big Ah or something with your age children can not see." He nodded "yes ah, she was dead. About see some dirty things, stuff grandmother called general, or below, do not say 'ghost' because Grandma said that word unlucky, not intentional to say, they will hear, especially at night, perhaps to be a dream scare you because they know you're scared, especially those things bully. Grandma then exhaled a long breath, then opened his eyes to see Xu Gang, "She's gone. green bay packers jerseys medium I'm afraid he is a ghost, what makes me sick old contacts, but no, my child has grown so fast, is the highest in our class I, um, I can not be better than the boys, I learned not very good, but this in turn blame the children." "The three children can not say lame things right.

Before I could react, I heard behind came a fierce voice "wooden club!" Looking back, I saw a man standing behind, is none other than our village has been idle three lame, his eyes shine at the moment, of being walked quickly came up to me." I did not hear too well, really I do not understand how the grandmother suddenly angry with me, honesty, I did not naughty ah." Grandma mouth shall forward, face some pain." "Go !!" Zhuo Wei does not explain, but the tone emphasis added a bit. green bay packers jerseys matthews Mom and aunt's feeling good, just like grandma since forged a certain distance, said that if she had, the young girl could not mad, crazy aunt reportedly very scary time in their sleep at night, you see the white picket fence squatting they sleep with eyes wide with bright thief, or on the day when Dunzaiqiangjiao his mouth from time to time twice Hey, who met all the hair.