Debbie Friedrich

Debbie Friedrich is a consciously creative entrepreneur. She is the founder and creator of "bloomies" — seeded paper wishes that bloom wildflowers. bloomies were created as a tool to connect with nature and ultimately reconnect with our own inner seeds of love and wisdom. In 2012, Debbie established two bloomies Gratitude Gardens currently growing in San Diego County. The ultimate way of seeing gratitude grow!

Answering a divine call and putting her certifications into action, Debbie provides intuitive consultations, vision questing sessions and Feng Shui energy clearing for the home. She has been working with artists, healers, coaches, entrepreneurs and individuals who are ready to grow and nurture their own seeds of transformation.

In her spare time, she volunteers for TEDx AmericasFinestCity events and is the Visionary Art Director and a co-organizer for TEDx AmericasFinestCity Women.

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If you would like to carry bloomies in your boutique, wholesale is available. We also offer custom orders. Please inquire by contacting us at

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